Amber Rudd enemy of freedom #5w

Amber Rudd is behaving like a Stalinist
At the recent conservative party conference home secretary Amber Rudd announced a crackdown on what people watch on the internet, viewing Jihadist or terrorist related content will lead to a prison sentence of up to 15 years that seems a bit harsh but if it gets Jihadis John and Jane off the streets a price worth paying right?
No completely wrong, not only did the bespectacled Neo Stalinist Home Secretary decide it would be a good idea to throw 15 year old kids from Bradford who have clicked a couple of times on radio free Racca into jail for 15 years with real terrorists. Guess what comes out of the other end of that equation?
She then decides that watching far right videos is an equally heinous crime, as watching bomb making and beheading videos, and tells us that watching such content will land innocent members of the public who have watched right wing content in prison for 15 years with their teenage adversaries who are being really radicalized by real terrorists in our Sharia compliant prisons.
The other question is what is “Right Wing”? according the conservative and communist party of the United Republic of the Isles, (that used to be the “Tory” party until comrades, Cameron, Osborne and Chairman May slithered into power through the cornfields of England.)
The extreme right could be Donald Trump, Tommy Robinson, Anne Marie Waters, Raheem Kassam, and even their DUP partners in government!
How is the legislation going to work? as I click on the latest party-political broadcast by the DUP or watch Douglas Murray doing his latest piece for the BBC Andrew Neill show, will a swat team sledge hammer my door down Tazer my wife and Kids and drag me to the re-education centre, for 15 years of hard interfaith dialogue and equality training.
This is just another hairbrained idea by a baron political leadership that is not fit to run St Trinian’s let alone our great country, they should not get this legislation through parliament, as even the loony left that have taken over the Labour party could not support this legislation because it is so potentially damaging to free thought and speech.
More worryingly the fact that Comrade Rudd is even seriously discussing this legislation shows how far from true Conservatism and personal liberty this sad excuse for a governing party have gone.

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Holly 5w

Our governments latest bright idea to tackle jihadi terror attacks #londonbridge #manchesterarena #westminsterbridge #finsburypark

The latest bright idea to tackle terrorists who use vehicles or knives to kill is tougher jail sentences. I’m pretty sure that when someone makes the decision to plough a truck into innocent civilians then jump out stabbing people they pretty much expect to either be killed while doing it or jailed for the rest of their lives. I’m not sure tougher sentences are going to deter a single one of them. Who dreams up this half baked nonsense? Lets have a plan that will actually works like getting rid of foreigners from countries that weve bombed for no reason. That would be a good start, not this pile of shite.

Kate 5w

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