Theres something very dodgy about this Cardiff fella who drove a van at Finsbury Park mosque #londonbridge

Heres the facts as we get them. Nobody in Cardiff football circles knows him, the Welsh NF dont know him, nor do the BNP in Cardiff. Hes a total unknown. He was singing in his kitchen with his kids in the day at night hes supposedly drove to London on a half baked murder plot. I’m not buying it. Its turned the London and Manchester terror attacks on their heads and made muslims the victims and it justifies more raids on the “far right” who dont even know the guy. Standard.

Sophie #5w

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Police assessment of todays marches #edl #londonbridge

Just one thing, we are not “right wing” and we aint connected to the EDL either. We are anti immigration protesters. We go where we want 5w


Far Right Marches in London



Event Summary

The English Defence League (EDL) have organised a ‘March on Parliament’ this Saturday and Antifascists are planning counter-protests. A group called the ‘Football Lads Alliance’ (FLA) have also arranged a protest in London on the same day and have far right links.


Their meeting point is not yet disclosed but Police information suggests the EDL may be meeting at the Lord Moon of The Mall pub on Whitehall and the Red Lion Pub on Parliament Street with the intention of starting the protest at 12:00. NICC COMMENT: social media indicates EDL followers are coming from various parts of London and further afield in the UK to attend this march so they are likely to use Charing Cross, Embankment or Westminster stations to get to this event. COMMENT ENDS.

At this time 195 people have confirmed on the main Facebook page (found here) as attending but they have various local divisions across the country and the Police estimate numbers to be more like 250-300.


The EDL having been planning this march for at least a few weeks, a march on Parliament in their words to “expose the culpability of government, media, churches and the bulk of opinion formers and decision-makers in civil society that enabled:

– The 22 March jihad attack at Westminster

– The 22 May jihad bombing in Manchester

– The 3rd June jihad attack at London Bridge.”

Social media chatter from the EDL and those associated with the EDL has increased in light of the recent attacks. They have focused on these latest terror attacks and say they are marching on Parliament as the government are not doing enough. NICC COMMENT: Recent events have emboldened them and given them a platform to spread more Islamophobic messages. COMMENT ENDS.

A couple of weeks ago former EDL-leader Tommy Robinson organised and spoke at a protest in Manchester with his new movement ‘UK against Hate’. He advertised this as a peaceful rally and he deliberately invited guest speakers from minority groups (e.g. a Black Christian minister, a Sikh leader and an LBT campaigner) so that he could attempt to

portray an anti-racist image that is inclusive of minority groups. Robinson’s movement is clearly anti-Islam and his speech at the event included a reference to a website he intends to set up called ‘’ in which he is promoting vigilantism. Hundreds of people turned up as did counter-protesters. This led to numerous confrontations, disorder and 8 arrests. Although Robinson and his associates claim that the demonstration was attended by a cross section of society, including families and children, videos clearly show that the majority of attendees were white middle-aged males, many were members of Far-Right groups including the EDL and Robinson seems to have recently rebuilt some bridges with them. It is unclear whether he intends to march with the EDL on Saturday in London, but this is a possibility.

Since the Finsbury Park terror attack on people leaving a Mosque a few days ago, Robinson has condemned the attack but was also dismissive of the possibility that he contributed at all to a climate of hate. He has previously made derogatory comments about the Finsbury park mosque and two weeks before the attack he was quoted as saying “militias will be set up & angry people will “clean out this Islamic problem”.

NICC COMMENT: Other individuals linked to the Far right (and indeed the EDL) have responded to the Finsbury Park Mosque attack in a very similar way to Anne-Marie Waters (above, who is a prominent Far Right supporter and is linked to Pegida and other groups). They do not openly condone the attack but essentially are blaming Islam. COMMENT ENDS.

Football Lads Alliance (FLA)

The FLA have also arranged a protest in London this Saturday. They are a relatively closed group but believed to be a collective of football supporters from various premiership clubs. A recent post from one of their members on social media stated: “Right so the Football Lads (and ladies) Alliance – Unite against extremism protest march has just been confirmed by the police and will be from St Paul’s Cathedral, walking down and across London Bridge to finish at Borough Market. A minute’s silence will then be held to remember those killed in recent terror attacks. This will then be followed by talks by the people in charge and ex-military personnel. ROY LARNER the Millwall fan attacked at Borough Market will be leading our march alongside members of the Sikh community. This march welcomes anyone from any background race colour or creed to unite as one to show the government we will not stand for extremism in our great country. Be at St Paul’s for 12.30pm Saturday 24th June. We will be leaving from Harlow train station at Approx. 10am”.

Police information contradicts this slightly as it suggests the FLA will be joining the EDL in the Westminster area. The Met suggest that over 1000 people are expected. NICC COMMENT: The post (above) suggests the FLA will be in a different part of London – their focus being the London bridge area, not Westminster, however, there is a strong possibility the two main groups

will merge at some point during the day in order to swell their numbers. The FLA portray themselves as non-racist and non-far right, but social media suggests otherwise and in particular the group ‘Pie ‘N Mash Squad’ have stated their intention to join them on Saturday (they are a Far Right group affiliated with the EDL). COMMENT ENDS.

Counter Protests

There are a number of anti-fascist groups intending on joining a counter-protest on Saturday. Most notably Unite Against Fascism (UAF). They say “We call on all who oppose the fascists to stand against such horror as seen in Finsbury Park and ensure that the racists do not divide us”. Exact meeting place and time are not yet known but they are likely to be gathering from 10:00.

At this time approx. 250 people have confirmed as attending – the Facebook events page can be found here. Another group with 150 attending can be found here.

NICC Assessment

The fact that two protests with like-minded causes could merge and swell numbers, the current political climate and the result of the Manchester protest a couple of weeks ago suggest that numbers could be more than has been seen at recent Far Right marches. The Far Left are still likely to outnumber the Far Right and with heightened tensions on both sides due to recent events, there is a strong possibility the opposing sides will clash (unless the Police are able to keep them separate). The Police have assessed these events as:


– The likelihood of pre-planned serious disorder is assessed as LOW (May occur occasionally)

– The likelihood of spontaneous disorder is assessed as MODERATE (Is as likely to occur as not)

– The likelihood of civil disobedience such as marching on the road, sit downs and moving onto secondary protest locations is assessed as LOW


– The likelihood of pre-planned disorder is assessed as MODERATE (Is as likely to occur as not)

– The likelihood of spontaneous disorder is assessed as MODERATE

– The likelihood of acts civil disobedience such as marching on the road, sit downs and moving onto secondary protest locations is assessed as HIGH (Likely to occur)

These are not recommendations. The conclusions in this report are intended to assist the reader in making an informed decision on their security requirements.

FLA London march details for today #londonbridge #5w

FLA March Itinerary
Marching on:
24th June 2017
Meet point & Time:
12.00 just off St Pauls Cathedral, on East Godliman Street
12.30 – 12.55
Depart meet point:
13.00 sharp
Leaving South Transept area of St Pauls, east along St Pauls Churchyard, east along Cannon Street, onto London Bridge
Finish point:
No later than 14.00 – London Bridge for a minutes silence and applause
Disperse Finish Point:
No later than 14.30
On the day everyone attending will need to keep to the route and once on the march will not be able to disperse until the end of the march on London Bridge
All of the above are conditions set by the police so need to be adhered to by everyone attending the event.
Help make this a successful event so that we can get a positive message across
Thanks for the great support and see you all
#Together we stronger #Enough is enough

Statement for those discussing Pie n Mash Squad in FLA group #5w #londonbridge

Not that we’ve got time for elaborate statements but some utter shit is being chatted about us in the FLA group so heres a response to it. Theres nearly 30k people in the group, so tomorrow they should easily get 1000 on the streets of our nations capital, hopefully more.

The admins in the group asked for a number to speak to us earlier and we refused to give it and this is why.

For ten years now people have been protesting against uncontrolled immigration and the threat of the terror groups who were forming up under our very noses and preaching hate of us and our children and we warned that a day would come when terror attacks like Manchester Arena would become a weekly thing. Most people, including no doubt a lot in the FLA group now laughed at us, called us racist fascist nazis and ignored the problem, probably even joined in attacking us.

Now all of a sudden theres a spate of attacks and they are killing our kids some of them have woken up, albeit probably only because football season is closed.

In the group there are a hell of a lot of experienced activists and they’ve been trying to educate the admins with the benefit of ten years experience and have been booted out of the group or ignored.

So clueless are the admins that they seem to think this is the first time football fans have ever mobbed up from different teams for this cause. How do you think the EDL started? And before them there was the UBA (United British Alliance) google them, they were Coventry, Southampton, Pompey, all the London clubs, many more. Theres vids on youtube heres one

These lads were footy lads, not racist, opposing Abu Hamza. Police and the press called them “far right nazis”. As they will with you. You’ve never even heard of Casuals United? It was from this group the EDL formed. Where do you think the EDL were getting 5000 on the streets from? Book about it here.

The admins in the group have taken offence to us promoting the march and have called us “far right” and said we aren’t welcome.

Some people stuck up for us, some wrongly said group was formed by Marshy, it was’nt it was formed by Millwall and West Ham lads among others. The name Pie and Mash Squad comes from the venue for their meetings. (Manzies) Anyway in a bizarre twist tonight the FLA got their first taste of how the press are going to treat them. They were called “far right extremists”. Get used to that.


We are only “far right extremists” because thats what the enemies of Britain call us. Its what they will call you and you are attacking us with our mutual enemies mantra.

We, and other experienced activists have tried to warn you what will happen, you boot them from your group. Your naivity is glaring. The main admin in the group has a wide open facebook account in his own name with pics of his child/family visible.Also I see people in your group who long ago were outed as grasses/wrong uns, arranging to travel with lads. But you dont want our advice.

Antifa are in the group, sat, quiet, passing stuff to commie pages who will soon be writing stuff about how you are nazis and trying to find out where you work to get you the sack. If they can see which school your child attends they will threaten to hurt them. Its been happening for ten years now, but you aint interested. Heres some other stuff I guarantee will happen.

You will be attacked by antifa, but only if they outnumber you or there are enough police that you cant get at them. Recently they’ve been throwing darts. See how your “turn the other cheek policy” goes when a few of you get darts in your head.

Police will allow Antifa close enough to you that their provocation will cause you to react then only those in casual gear will be nicked.

Journalists will pay people either dressed as full on skinheads or as casuals (usually a very young kid, 16yr ish) to get amongst you and seig heil. If he is stood behind you when it happens and you cant see him, then you are a nazi. Its proof.

Commies will fake screenshots and pics of people seig heiling with your flag and will go on groups racially abusing people in your name.

The MET will kettle you for hours wont let you go to toilet and will provoke you till you kick off, the media will film it and bingo you are violent thugs.

If you think none of this will happen, you are deranged. Its gonna. The met are already saying this
If you think you’ve seen police being heavy at football you aint seen shit yet.

We have supported this march all the way through, and heres the thanks we get. What makes you think we were “out to ruin” your march? We will be there, we are from many places and we know a lot of the old school lot. We are there as casuals, not as Pie n Mash Squad which theres a time and a place for.

Time you shut up trying to look “pc”. Tommy Robinson marched in Manc last week surrounded by non white people and he still got called a nazi. You cant win and you wont win with the media. Lets hope the march is a success and even if the met scupper it it leads to new alliances for the future.

Ryan 5w