Was Charlottesville car “attacker” in fear of his life and trying to escape Antifa mob? #fla #5w

Evidence is emerging that the Charlottesville car driver who smashed into a crowd of Communists may not have been on a deliberate suicide mission but may actually have been fleeing for his life from a mob wielding baseball bats. At an EDL demo back in the day a fella said he was surrounded by drunken yobs, shit himself and put his foot down to escape, running a few people down and breaking a 16 year old girls leg. He wasn’t charged with any offences because he feared for his life. If I was driving a car and was surrounded by a screaming mob tooled up you’d better believe I’m going to slam my foot down and drive straight through them rather than let them pull me out and beat me to death. Look at the videos on this link, the second he comes to a halt he is rushed by a mob with bats. I’m suggesting they were already chasing him. You can see on the one vid that some commie hits the back of his car with a weapon before he accelerates. Lets all be perfectly clear, this was NOT a peaceful protest. All the Antifa protests since Trump came onto the scene have been violent, from both sides. Nobody believes these commies are peaceful, we can see it with our own eyes. They run around saying “its cool to punch racists in the face” then they cry when they come undone. I think it will turn out that what this guy did was unavoidable, and the blane for any deaths or injuries is firmly at the door of the pricks who attacked his car. Good luck to the guy in court. Respect to 4chan for searching out this evidence.

No surrender
Holly 5w

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