Statement from the FLA regarding London march on June 24th #5w #londonbridge #manchesterarena

Following the terrible events that took place on Saturday 3rd June in London Bridge, it has prompted us to set up the Football Lads Alliance.

We are not fascist thugs; we are your everyday football supporters, who are united together to reiterate to the British government that enough is enough.

We will meet on Saturday 24th June from 12:30 and peacefully march at 13:00 in London. Exact location TBA.

We are determined for it to be carried out in a dignified and respectful manner. There will be no singing or chanting.

There will be a minute applause at the end of the march to honour the dead and all of those affected by recent atrocities.

Football fans are too often conveyed in a negative light but we are putting aside our rivalries to stand together against the real threat our generation is facing.

We firmly oppose Islamic extremists who do not accept our British values and are threatening our way of life. Their objective is to divide our society but all they are actually doing is bringing us together and making us stronger.

In parallel, we will be setting up a petition to put pressure on the government to make changes to UK law against terrorists.

We are appealing to the entire football community to attend.

Enough is enough, it is time to stand up and be counted.

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