Antifa. Just what are they supporting? Ask yourself this. #5w #fla #londonbridge

Antifa. Anti British Commies. They hate our soldiers, they loved it when Lee Rigby died, calling him a “baby killer”. These people are the scum of the earth. Now you have to ask yourself, what are they supporting? If you are on a march demanding something is done about terrorism and they are across the road screaming “nazi” and “racist” at you, then clearly they dont want anything to be done about terrorism and they fully support it. Theres no other conclusion you can draw is there? If we started deporting terror suspects these lefties would be screaming and trying to stop them being deported. They chant refugees are welcome here and want unlimited immigration even though we are taking “refugees” from countries we have attacked for no reason so we are letting people who hate us come here. Yet they want more of them? Utter scum.

Know your enemy. The greatest threat to our country are those who would defend the terrorists. Antifa.

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Holly #5w

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