“Pre organised fights” the myth and the sad reality #bristol #5w

On Saturday in Bristol a few activists were asked by police “any pre organised fights today”? I mean as if lol. Back in the day at football sometimes fights were pre arranged, but there you were talking about firms. Proper firms who really wanted a row, not a bunch of mummys boys and posh kids, which is what Antifa mostly are.

Never, since 2009 has there ever been a pre organised fight at a demo that I know of. Antifa would never turn up for one anyway as they only attack when in greater numbers, their whole intent is to stand shouting and threatening behind police lines. When the police are gone, so are they.

On about 100 demos I have been to, after the screaming and shouting is over, when police stand down and we go out on the town for a drink never have I ever see, or heard of Antifa still being around and trying to attack.

Last Saturday we were marched to Welshback, we could see about 40 Antifa being chased around by police, then when police said “off you go” we walked back over the route of the demo and saw nobody at all. Antifa had taken their hoods off and vanished.

In Dover the night before they were tweeting “militant Antifa searching pubs for fash”. Yet we were drinking in Dover all night, as were others and nobody saw anyone even resembling Antifa.

Once we had an eastern european message us saying “lets organise fight” I just thought it was police trying to entrap us into a conspiracy charge so I laughed and blocked the twat. Casuals page suggested setting up a boxing ring to put Antifa and some footy lads in the ring together back in the day and Antifa never replied to dozens of requests. When you see the state of them once they are unmasked you can see why they wouldn’t want to go in the ring with some of our lot.

The bottom line is, there are no pre arranged fights, its a myth. Police wish there were so they could do us all but sadly its not happening. Antifa don’t want a fight anyway, not unless 30 of them are beating up an old man, and even then they go crying to police if they get slapped. A firm they aint.

A demo gets called, we turn up, Antifa scream and shout and we laugh at them then they go off and blog how they chased us out of town then we have a social and decide where to protest next. Theres the facts. Deal with it.

See you in Bristol next time 5w



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