Lefties looking for violence in London Saturday April 1st #5w #antifa #kalergi

Following the latest terror attack in London various groups are going to London on Saturday April 1st to peacefully protest and demand action against terrorists and their supporters in this country. Tho police’s first response to this latest terror attack was to promise to crack down on right wing groups. You couldn’t make it up.

Britain First and the EDL are among groups going to London on Saturday, and UAF snowflakes have promised a counter demo. This means they are demoing in favour of jihadi attacks. Commie mouthpiece Miss Duffy took to twitter to boast how Antifa are all about violence and mouth off about how they actively promote it. Never see Antifas houses being raided though do you?

IRA loving commie Lola and her crew are also going London on Saturday. Its only central London that they ever turn up to in black bloc because they know it will be swarming with police and that they will be allowed to attack random people and get away with it, but should they be violently attacked the attackers will defo be arrested as the place is bristling with cctv.

Squad lads from all over the country will be in London Saturday dressed in bloc in protest at the way Antifa are allowed to run around week after week in the shadow of the Houses of Parliament with faces covered and dressed like terrorists. Watch videos from Britain first last week you can see Antifa being allowed to intimidate and attack right in front of the MET with no arrests or unmasking. This week they wont know who is who.

See you there



Screenys on Miss Duffy promising violence on twitter

Screenies of Lola and her mob in London again running riot note the studded gloves. Lola the benny the ball looking one in red scarf