Well done all those attending Rotherham yesterday #5w

I’m told police said they’d arrest anyone that turned up as they feared violent disorder. Because we all know where that violence would have come from. Same community who rioted last time, and were let off by the courts. Giving them the message that they can riot whenever they want.

As it was, a massive police operation turned people away and escorted cars out of town. Its a pity the policing wasn’t so robust when for 20 years girls were being raped. There have been a few token arrests but they still fear being called racist so most of the attackers will never face justice. Its an utter disgrace.


Police from as far away as Cardiff were involved.

One thought on “Well done all those attending Rotherham yesterday #5w

  1. I know very well one of the of the jailed 4, I agree with it all, shocking the way the police and authorities treated our own knowing exactly from their own staff what a tooled up ready for action group descended on wellgate. The freedom of speech has gone in our town and will soon be restricted everywhere else, we will be the minority, be it Asian or European, the government and local authorities have lost control of this country and are now under pressure to calm the dissatisfaction of its own, 17.5 million of them that did call for no more, let alone the millions that were scared to admit to themselves and put an X in the right box that they have had enough.
    I wonder when Donald Trump has had his term, if he will come and help round up all the illegal immigrants in our country and send them home, because our government isn’t doing a very good job.


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