Thank you lefties for increasing the cost to Rotherham council today #usefulidiots #edl #rotherham

Lefties think that turning up on the day of a demo, preceded by weeks of threats, bullshit and talking bollocks online is f@cking up the right wing. Standing across the road shouting “nazi scum” etc and scuffling with the police is hardly stopping the demo is it? Every time they pipe it up as a massive success and say they are “smashing the fash”. They are too thick to realise that when a group like EDL announces a demo in Rotherham, the game is to cost the Council and police authority a lot of money and to publicise the issue (in this case the unpunished rape of thousands of underage girls). When a demo is called, the idiots of UAF/Antifa immediately start screaming and threatening violence. Police monitoring social media then immediately classify it as “high risk” and allocate massive resources to it. Because the EDL called a demo (today) in Rotherham, and the left have been chatting violence online, over 600 officers were needed which I reckon probably cost half a million quid.

If 100-150 EDL just marched, with nobody there looking for a scrap, the policing need would be hardly anything as despite the commie story that if they weren’t there the EDL would rampage through the town, when no communist opposition is there, there is no violence. However once the left start turning up with faces covered and intent on violence, massive police presence is needed.

So if the rights game is to cost money, regularly, to force the authorities to take action to neutralise the demos (they’ve been told if they mass arrest the child rapists the demos will stop) then the lefties are helping massively towards this goal. If the left just ignored Rotherham demos, they wouldn’t cost anywhere near as much, but theses idiots cant help themselves.

Various demos in Rotherham must be close to bankrupting the council by now. And there will be many more. Thank you SO MUCH commies for helping towards this end game. No Parmasan eh?

Holly 5w


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^^^^^haha you stupid tw@ts

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Please note ; EDL are nothing to do with us I’m just telling you how it is and laughing at you fools lol

15 year old girl arrested over knife fight #islington

When two men arrive to intervene and break up the fight, the knife-wielding teenager hides the blade between her legs and disappears from view before the video ends.

Scotland Yard told the Standard officers had arrested a 15-year-old girl on suspicion of ABH and possession of an offensive weapon after they were made aware of the footage.

Police believe the video was filmed within the Islington borough and said they were trying to establish when the fight took place.

The girl was arrested on Wednesday and taken into custody at a south London police station.

Full story and video below