Am I a fascist? #5w #pienmashsquad

When I was a child, little did I know that when I grew older my own people would call me a “fascist” because I didn’t want my country destroyed, my people replaced and towns and cities to become crime ridden hell holes where murder and rape is a daily thing that nobody even blinks an eye at. Where refugees are in hotels while our ex soldiers sleep in bus shelters. Where the murder of a foreigner makes massive news but the murder of white people by foreigners is covered up so as not to upset “community cohesion”. Where our police ignore rape gangs as they fear being called racist. Where lefties and foreigners constantly scream for tighter laws on what we can and cant say about this destruction of our land. If standing up and asking what the hell is going on is “fascist” then thats exactly what I am. We are the resistance #5w



New year eve murder and sex attack guessing game #5w #cologne

New years eve game. Guess how many fatal stabbings in London on new years eve and win some stickers. Also guess how many sex attacks will happen all over Germany. Im guessing itll be more than last year. German polices epic plan this year is not to stop the attacks but to lay on counselling for the victims in the aftermath. Sounds legit. London stabbings I predict between 1 and 3 fatal and several other non fatal. The MET wont be on the streets to protect anyone, they’ll be in their offices trawling twitter for nasty comments #5w