Lefties going all out for draconian hate speech laws #jocox #trump #5w

Lefties are so glad the murder of Jo Cox happened. This murder fits their agenda perfectly. They couldn’t care less about the daily toll of shootings and stabbing murders on our streets, the only deaths they care about are ones they can use to pressurise for further hate speech laws. They even want it to be illegal to say that we don’t want any more refugees in our already overcrowded country. The fact that untold refugees are in our prisons for all manner of crimes, that all across Europe terror attacks have been carried out by “refugees” and hundreds of people have died is of no consequence to them. In just the same way they harped on about the murder of Stephen Lawrence for years, to attack white people for their “racism”, the Jo Cox murder is now their stick to beat the right with for ever. They were ranting about the murder of a Polish guy in Essex, then police said it wasn’t racist. So they forgot him. Then a Chec national died in London, they started ranting about it. Then they found out the killers were black, so they shut up about it. There could be 500 murders in a week and the left wont give a shit. But if ONE is down to white racism then their fingers are on their snot covered keyboards demanding tougher laws. In much the same way as “black lives matter” herberts ignore daily gang murders but rare up when a black gangster is killed by police. (usually while waving a gun)

The fact that the left wont debate or argue and can only resort to insults and calling people racist is exactly what led to Brexit and the election of Donald Trump. That, along with the carnage that the migrant crisis is causing all across Europe will be what leads to right wing parties being elected all across Europe and the fall of the Communist EU. You just watch.

The left will carry on screaming and blowing snot bubbles. What a time to be alive

Holly 5w



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