Telford Commies “doing a Lily Allen” over the EDL demo November 5th

Lefties in Telford are grizzling and blowing snot bubbles over the EDL going to Telford on November 5th. These communist idiots could not care less that child rape and grooming is rife in the town as long as they get to look good “opposing the fash”. They are basically coming out in support of paedophilia, as they have done many times before. Telford is going to see a series of demos by various groups, so get used to it and stop “doing a Lily Allen”. Theres nothing you can do about it. Standing across the road shouting has never stopped a demo yet. I see black bloc say they are going, whats left of them. Our lads will be there in bloc too. See if you can tell the difference 5w


Whats happened to all the lefty pages? They’ve all died a death

Back in the day it was a fun thing to look round lefty pages and laugh at some of the shit they were coming out with. Since Dover all their pages have died a death. There was a small group of wannabe black x box playing weed smokers called HS161 who threatened to hack us into oblivion. Once a few of them got exposed thats the last you heard of them. They very rarely even post any more. Most of the “antifascist” regional pages hardly ever post anything at all. Hope not hates target audience is clearly the right and carries on posting stupid hints designed to cause infighting and the odd screeny off a numpties wall. Very boring read and so ill informed it makes you cringe. Lolas been keeping her nut down as she was on bail for violent disorder. Shes probably had nfa as she came back posting her usua hate but due to a lack of reaction from us shes got bored now. A childish row is what she wants. It must kill her the way we ignore her nonsense lol. Michelle Smith getting jail for dover must have shocked them, as did finding out Purcell from Brighton is clearly working for the state as he got sprung from a 3 month prison sentence after only 19 days which a barrister says is impossible unless your handlers sprung you. The savaging they got in Dover will have put off hundreds of them as well. Last time they tried to go Dover they ended up in b n q carpark all day after having their masks removed. What an ugly bunch of gimps without the masks. The tendency of fash groups to wear bloc now has ruined it for antifa as it makes police want to unmask everyone. Yep. Bad times at Antifa towers. I’m afraid its all over for them lol shame

Katie 5w

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Its about time the MET got off their arses and tackled the gangs #5w

Instead of grizzling about how racist they are I’d like to see someone from the MET actually commit to taking out the gangs who are killing people on a daily basis on the streets of our capital city. They’re more interested in looking “pc” than tackling the gangs. Its sickening to watch. London is more dangerous and lawless than Somalia and the MET couldn’t give a shit #5w

Rotherham police admitting they protect rapists and treat protesters like sh@t #5w

How truly shocking and unprofessional is this senior police officer? Admitting he treated people with a democratic right to protest like shit? And lets not forget why Rotherham was getting protests, because his force had stood by for 20 years refusing to arrest child rapists. Yes, you treated the protesters like shit, and you treated the rapists like royalty. I hope you are proud of yourself mate. He ought to be sacked for these comments. Its not what you expect from a senior police officer is it. Unless the worlds gone mental South Yorkshire Police #5w


Complain to South Yorkshire Police about this officer #5w #rotherhamabuse

Feel free to make a complaint regarding this officer to South Yorkshire police. You can use the online form or email them. DO NOT use abusive language or they’ll defo cave your front door in as they wont like this. The grounds for your complaint are his unprofessionalism, his lack of respect for peoples democratic right to protest and his bringing Rotherham police into EVEN MORE disrepute. Let us know in inbox if you get any sense out of them.