Symond Lawes shows once again what a brown-noser he is #brighton #skinheadreunion

Self styled “king of the skinheads” Symond Lawes who runs the Great Skinhead reunion the first week of June every year in Brighton gets even more embarrassing. He was filmed hugging Antifa after begging Squad to cancel their Brighton demo, now hes saying if it kicks off here we will need muslim youth with us. Who does he think its going to kick off with? The Mormons? Jebus. Embarrassing. Anyway he will be glad to know that the first weekend in June next year is going to be a march for England. He’ll like it im sure. 5w


How the Dover riot backfired on Antifa #5w

In January this year a march was planned in Dover to highlight the plight of the truckers who are being attacked on a daily basis when passing through Calais by hordes of violent immigrants who frankly have no interest in claiming asylum anywhere in Europe except here. This is because they know that the liberal clowns who run this country and infest our councils will house them and throw money at them. They also know that nobody will mess with them as they will have priority over the people of this land, who are second class citizens now and that if they don’t get their way all they have to do is stamp their feet and scream racism and theyll get what they want here. They also know that they can claim benefits while working in the black economy, (takeaways, food packing and fruit picking) and nobody will bother them. It really is the promised land for them.

There had been previous demos in Dover and violent lefties had turned up and caused some violence. Richard Purcell a lefty from Brighton, who is one of “Antifas” main organisers was arrested for assault and theft after punching someone through a van window and stealing their keys. As usual with him, the charges were dropped. We’ve always thought he was working for the state since the time he appeared from nowhere with another Brighton lefty Dan Cole and attacked Tommy Robinson in East London. These two basically walked up to Robinson, started throwing punches and the police moved in and arrested Robinson and his mate and let the lefties go. It was as if the police had said “go attack them so we can have an excuse to nick them”.

Video of this attack is here. Purcell is the one in blue. Now we don’t care about Robinson, but you tell me how these two didn’t get arrested here.

Anyway, back to the demo in January. Antifa had decided that this time it was going to be different. They were going to bus in black bloc clad thugs from all over the country and violently attack the march. Another main Antifa organiser from Liverpool, Michelle Smith announced that her union, Unite were paying for coaches from all over the country to get this army of unemployed hippies and brainwashed students easily to Dover. Michelle was well known to scouse nationalists, having been involved in violent attacks at demos for many years. She is the main reason they had such big numbers on the day. For a lot of right wing people getting somewhere like Dover is an absolute mission, but the unions make it easy by laying on cheap or even free travel to get their mob to places.

On the day the marchers were told to meet at the Priory hotel. A few hundred met there. Just down the road the police had allowed the Antifa mob to gather unobstructed. Now had this been a football match, public order policy would have been to keep both sides well away from each other. They are good at this, they’ve had many years of practice. We’ve been saying for years that the MET (who oversee all political demos regardless of which county they are in) have had an unofficial policy of allowing Antifa to get within attacking distance of demos, and the usual scenario is they allow Antifa to provoke or attack then arrest any right wing who dare retaliate. On the MFE (march for england) marches in Brighton, it was only usually right wing who were arrested. On rare occassions when large numbers of left were arrested for failing to remove face coverings, you’d see in the paper the right wing people charged, the left either cautioned or released without charge. The violence at MFE was ridiculous and the left got away with it all. A good few nationalists were jailed down there I cant remember a single lefty being done for anything. See the violence here

Back in Dover, police suddenly decided to walk the nationalist marchers down Folkestone road straight into hundreds of Antifa, who appeared to have brought a load of stones from a railway track with them in their rucksacks. It should have been obvious to even an idiot that walking these two groups into each other was going to lead to a riot, and it did. A riot that went on for 5 hours. Police had no control whatsoever. The air was filled with rocks and photos of people on both sides covered in claret appeared all over the media. This riot was deliberately allowed to happen. All previous marches had been attacked. Police had massive intelligence to suggest that Antifa planned a big attack, yet they allowed it. Why? If you look back to two large disorders at football matches, one being the “battle of rocky lane” between Birmingham and Villa, and a few years ago Chelsea v Cardiff, a retired police officer had told the press anonymously that a decision had been made at a high level that they were frankly fed up of playing cat and mouse with these gangs, so they had taken the decision to let them have the punch up they so famously want, film it and take both gangs out of the equation. This is what happened in Dover this day, of that there can be no doubt. If they had wanted to prevent the riot all they had to do was force the Antifa back down the road away from the marchers. They didn’t want to.

Down the road at Maidstone services a coach full of Chelsea lads pulled in and were attacked by 4 coaches full of Antifa. A pitched battle followed and massive damage was done to the buses. Around 200 Antifa missed the riot and were kept in the services all day. Fuming. All the Chelsea lot were arrested but most got no further action except two whove been charged. No lefties were charged. Most had their faces covered.

Since this riot, some 60 people have been arrested, and they told one of the arrested lads that they are looking for over 200. The main difference with this riot, compared to others in the past, is that this time they are taking out Antifa as well as the right wing groups. As I said, this has previously been unheard of. Antifa organiser Michelle Smith, to her great shock i’m sure was arrested and jailed for twelve months. Story here. I bet she didn’t see that coming

Richard Purcell was also arrested. Now while the average sentence right wing people have got has been 10 months, he got a paltry 4 months. Within 19 days he had been to the appeal court and released. One of our lads spoke to their barrister and was told that is totally unheard of. Nobody gets to the court of appeal before at least six months according to him. This man is clearly working for the state and his handlers have sprung him. There can be no other explanation.—man-freed-97806/

Our take on it here

Another well known Antifa organiser Syed Bokhari was arrested after riling up the crowd with a speech then being involved in fist fights and stone throwing. He is so far the only person to go in front of the courts for this and not be jailed. He played the race card and said he felt threatened over his race. What his race has to do with the fact that he was rioting ill never know. He had previously been jailed over looting during the London riots. Here he is rioting. Now you tell me, apart from the colour of his boat race, why hes not in jail?

Right wing sentences have ranged from 7yrs for gbh on an Antifa photographer, to 3 years for 16 grands worth of damage to buses in Maidstone services. The average sentence has been 10 to 15 months. Three other Antifa have been jailed for 4 months, 12 months and 16 months

Since this day, at every right or left wing demo around the country, Kent police have been there making arrests over this. Two lefties were recently arrested in Brighton at an anti racist event and theyve even flown to Scotland looking. Its clear they wont rest till they’ve arrested every single person they can. This was a deliberate plan to allow a riot so they could arrest large numbers of political activists, and its working well. Those who ok’d this ought to be locked up themselves but they wont be. They do as they please.

Solidarity with right wing lot in prison over this stitch up, and good luck all those in court over it in the future, except the left. Best part of the left being jailed is that they will get to see exactly how their beloved immigrant behave in prison, and its not pretty. With other high profile Antifa like Lola and Bunny la Roche waiting to go to court as well, Antifa seems broken. All their internet hate pages have died a death and every time they’ve tried to turn out since police have forced them to unmask and arrested those who refuse. One lefty said after being unmasked recently “if we’d been allowed to cover up we would have gone straight through the police lines but theres cameras everywhere”. Welcome to the real world cuntio. Police allowed you to cover your faces to attack us for years, now our lot do it as well theyve got no choice but to unmask everyone. We’ve ruined it for you.

I think this will have finished Antifa off. Seeing their high profile lot being jailed has no doubt put the shits up them. There wouldn’t have been half the trouble if police had controlled these morons but they didn’t want to. Anyway RIP Antifa. It was nice knowing you.

Onwards and upwards



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