Black and Red Fairies page making lefties paranoid #5w #alinafriedman

This is absolute gold.

“Have you got a fascist for a friend?” Asks Coventry Antifa.

The mighty ‪#‎BARF‬ have got them that paranoid that they think some random Antifascist gimp is something to do with BARF 😂😂 They even go as far as to name 2 people that they think he is. 2 people that have nothing to do with this page I might add.

Anyway. Read it. Share it and laugh as much as we have at it. The paranoia is eating them all alive.

We’ve been accused of being 8 different people now. It goes up daily. The best thing is, our real identity hasn’t been mentioned yet.

Who is #BARF? Well that’s simple – WE ARE ALL BARF!!!

Alina Friedman Manchester Commie wanted for violence in Liverpool #5w

This is Alina Friedman. She runs the Miss Duffy/misscheeky666 Twitter account that has been hassling people for years. She’s of Russian descent and lives in Manchester. She also teaches Yoga.

Facebook profile –

Twitter account –

Instagram account –

Yoga business page –

Email address –

Blog –

Phone number – 07743498053

Pastebin backup –

5w explained #5words

Lot of people are asking what 5w means. It is short for “five words”. The five words being “we go where we want”. It started when leaders of certain groups started telling their people they’d be booted if they supported certain other groups. We are all volunteers, we travel the country to protest, we don’t get paid for it, so we don’t expect to be told by little dictators who we can or cant support. Police have said in some reports they believe the 5w may be “defiance of certain sections of the public order act surrounding marches” but its not that. It just means that we will support which ever group we want, and we wont be told who we can or cant promote or stand with. Its as simple as that really.

See you on the streets

Katie 5w

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