How we know that commie “Lola” from Luton is running the Exposing FLA page on fb #footballladsalliance

Theres a page on facebook called Exposing FLA its basically a bait page which wants people to go on it and comment, hopefully showing right wing leanings so they can squeal “look look I told you FLA is racist”. Now this commie who calls herself Lola is from Luton and she hates Tommy. She hates PMS as well because an old friend of ours was on a mooch in London and launched her down some steps onto her heroin addled head. One of the Pompey lot pointed out on the page that Lola is an admin they denied it he pointed out why and it was immediately deleted. They never delete anything. Anyway today they have posted this about Tommys ex bodyguard. Ive put a pic from Lolas account because she has palled up with Tommys old bodyguard and has been boasting on twitter about what hes told her. Now exposing FLA page is saying this. It could not be clearer its her. She claims she was brought up in Belfast, she supports the IRA and hates our soldiers, and shes trying to influence the FLA “leaders” as she can smell weakness. We dont care what “leaders” say anyway. Theyve already said squad aint welcome. We dont care. We go where we want.

Sophie 5w

Pics here Fla admin, Lola with Tommys ex bodyguard and her in bobblehat at Dover riot

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